Graffiti Artists in the Making!

In our cul-de-sac live some kind and caring kids and amongst them are two special boys. They are Cameron and Jackson.  Our home is sandwiched in between these two families and because of them I am certain that our cul-de-sac is one of the best in the land. They remind me so much of Will in so many ways.   Both are a little younger than Will but they love the same things – skateboards, scooters, bikes, ramps, trampolines, and now I found out– graffiti too!  Just the other day they showed me what they had created and all were little tributes to Will!  I asked if I could post them here and they said I could. So, take a look and beware… One day you may see their work out there (though I will make them promise that we won’t see it on the side of a train or on a mailbox!). Thanks Cameron and Jackson!

Graffiti Guys!

Graffiti Guys!

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