A letter from Josh…




You were and still are my best friend.  The first day of Fernie Freestyle this year and the Meet and Greet were not the same without seeing you there and us being soo stoked to ski together again.  Not having sleepovers and hanging out every weekend, not going to the candy store and getting all the salt water taffys we could get with our spare change that we had left after the swimming pool, not going skiing together everyday of Christmas break and you and me mooching poutine off of people everyday at the ski hill…  Since you have been gone it still hasn’t got through my mind that you’re not here anymore and to think that you’re not in my life brings tears to my eyes.  You weren’t just a best friend, you were a bro and you will always be in my heart. You will always be my first pick for back-country buddies!

Love you man,


Your frand jaash

Josh drew his WillPower

Josh's WillPower


  1. Len Lloyd says

    We miss you Will 🙁

  2. Thanks for your message, Len. Josh was so important to Will and I know that he smiles each time he hears from him. Will is looking down on him!

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